The AIED 2023 theme is
“AI in Education for Sustainable Society”

A sustainable society is driven by the principle of realising peace and prosperity for all people and the planet with an inclusiveness that “leaves no one behind.” As the AIED community, we concern ourselves with the mission of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to contribute to a world with equitable and universal access to quality education at all levels. Towards this goal, we set this year's theme as "AI in Education for Sustainable Society" and invite authors to present research on how AI in education can help our society meet its need to provide inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. The conference sets the ambitious goal to stimulate discussions on how AI shapes and can shape education for all sectors, how to advance the science and engineering of intelligent interactive learning systems, and how to promote broad adoption. Engaging with the various stakeholders – researchers, educational practitioners, businesses, policy makers, as well as teachers and students – the conference will set a wider agenda on how novel research ideas can meet practical needs to build effective intelligent human-technology ecosystems that support learning.

AIED 2023 will be the 24th edition and the 30th anniversary of the International AIED Society. The AIED Society organises the AIED conference and is aimed at advancing science and engineering of intelligent human-technology ecosystems that support learning. The conference will be the latest of a longstanding series of international conferences, known for high quality and innovative research on intelligent systems and cognitive science approaches for educational computing applications. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the AIED Society, we invite papers exploring how researchers envision the way AIED can shape the future of education in the next 30 years. AIED 2023 solicits empirical and theoretical papers on the research and applications described in the Call for Papers.