IAALDE Session

International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era

Best papers plus VISTA fellows

Session Chairs Olga Santos & Vania Dimitrova (Onsite), Viktoria Pammer-Schindler (Online)
Date July 6th, 2023
Time 13:30-15:00 Japan Time (GMT+9)
Room Hitotsubashi Hall

IAALDE is the International Alliance to Advance Learning in the Digital Era. Currently there are 12 societies in the alliance(*), including AIED. One of the primary goals of IAALDE is to use this cross-society collaboration to advance scientific and practical understandings of how to teach, how learners learn, and how technological systems can more effectively support education. As part of that effort, each year each member society will identify a Best Paper from its own conference and provide fiscal and logistic support for one of the author(s) of that paper to attend the conference of another IAALDE member and present the work there in a designated track.

Thus, at AIED 2023 the following best paper from ECTEL 2022 conference will be presented:

Title Supporting Self-regulated Learning in BL: Exploring Learners’ Tactics and Strategies
Authors Esteban Villalobos, Mar Pérez-Sanagustin, Cédric Sanza, André Tricot & Julien Broisin

In addition, IAALDE organizes a colloquium series on Learning and Technologies to encourage Vision, Inspiration, Synergy, and Transformation Across Societies (IAALDE VISTAS Colloquium Series). The goal of VISTAS is to create a discussion space where researchers can connect with one another to explore ideas across multiple disciplinary and society perspectives. The VISTAS Colloquium Series is envisioned to inspire transformative research and to improve our societies by better connecting researchers to one another and to cross-disciplinary ideas.

The following VISTAS scholars will be attending AIED 2023. They are developing and implementing a long-range research vision (10 years ahead) and are therefore interested in presenting and discussing their research vision with peers from AIED society, taking advantage of the different disciplinary backgrounds.

  • Roberto Martinez-Maldonado (onsite at AIED 2023)
  • Diego Dermeval (onsite at AIED 2023)
  • Bowen Hui (online)
  • Aneet Narendranath (online)

From the outcomes of previous VISTAS colloquia, the talks will be articulated around human-data/AI interaction, and making interventions work in practice due to many conflicting interests (students, teachers, institutions, funding agencies, policy makers, etc.). They will lay out their vision as it is addressed in the society they come from but it does not need necessarily to be adapted to the AIED audience as the whole point of IAALDE is to stress that there are different approaches to learning and technologies. However, they will end their talk with their insights regarding: 1) connections they see to AIED research, 2) where does AI/intelligent components appear in their work, 3) which forward-leading research questions they think need to be answered and could be answered by AIED research.

IAALDE involves the following international societies:

  • International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS)
  • International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (IAIED)
  • Society of Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR)
  • International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS)
  • The European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning (EATEL)
  • Society for Text and Discourse (ST&D)
  • Learning @ Scale (L@S)
  • Association des Technologies de l'Information pour l'Education et la Formation (ATIEF)
  • SIG EDU at ACL
  • Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE)
  • Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education (GCSCE)
  • Association for Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development (ASLERD)