Call for Fellow Nominations for the AIED DEIA Mentoring Fellowships
(Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility)

AIED 2023 announces the creation of ideas for widening the AIED community. One of the ideas is to provide a scholarship, called “AIED DEIA Mentoring Fellowship” to encourage greater participation from academics and researchers from communities that are currently underrepresented in AIED conferences and the AIED community.

The underrepresented communities include but are not limited to:

  • Countries with limited historical participation in AIED, specially those in Asia, Africa, Central America and South America
  • Minority groups, such as ethnic minorities, gender and sexual minorities, religious minorities.
  • Groups with functional diversity or special needs
  • Indigenous people

The fellowship process is comprised of the following stages:

  • Nomination: Nominations are being solicited from members of underrepresented groups as defined above.
    • The nominations could be self-nominations or nominations by AIED researchers who are already working with potential nominees from underrepresented groups.
    • The nomination package should include 1) a portfolio of the work done, 2) a proposal for the work to be done during the AIED DEIA Mentoring Fellowship, and 3) a CV of the nominee. Optionally, the nominee may also suggest up to 3 possible mentors that the nominee would like to work with during the fellowship.
    • Nominations should be sent by email to Amruth Kumar ( and Maria Mercedes Rodrigo ( with the subject heading “AIED DEIA Mentoring Fellowships”.

The nominees will be expected to attend an online workshop during AIED 2023 where research methodologies will be discussed and potential mentors will be introduced.

  • Selection of Fellows: A committee headed by Drs. Kumar and Rodrigo will select 5 candidates for the fellowship based on their nomination package and participation in the AIED 2023 workshop. Each selected fellow will work with an AIED mentor for a year.
  • Mentoring of Fellows: Throughout the year following the AIED 2023 conference, the fellows will meet with their mentors regularly once a month to flesh out their research and report progress.
  • Award of Conference Stipend to Fellows: In addition to attending the AIED 2023 workshop, the fellows will be expected to submit to AIED 2024 a paper or poster co-authored with their mentor.
    • If the submission is accepted for presentation at AIED 2024, the fellow will be awarded a conference stipend consisting of waiver of conference registration fees and US $ 1,000 towards travel costs.
    • If the submission is not accepted for presentation, if AIED 2024 is held in hybrid mode, registration fees will be waived for the fellow so that the fellow can attend the conference online.
  • Obligations of Fellows Awarded Conference Stipend: Fellows who are awarded conference stipend to present their contribution will be expected to attend the AIED 2024 conference in person and assist conference organization for up to 5 hours during the conference. The fellows will be introduced to the AIED attendees during a social hour.


  1. May 15, 2023: Fellow nominations due (4 weeks for mentor match up)
  2. June 12, 2023: Fellow and mentor meet up begins (3 weeks prior to the workshop)
  3. July 3 2023: AIED 2023 Workshop - During the AIED 2023 conference, an entirely online workshop is conducted for nominees so that nominees can attend it remotely. The workshop might include multiple topics of interest and concern to the research community.
  4. Late July 2023: Based on nomination applications and participation in the online workshop, 2024 fellows are selected and paired with mentors.
  5. August 2023 - April 2024: Mentoring occurs on a monthly basis.
  6. April 2024: 2024 Mentee fellows will submit a paper or poster on their work for AIED 2024: The submissions are reviewed by the council of mentors and up to 5 mentee fellows are selected for travel stipends to attend AIED 2024. Note that this is when the cycle starts at step 3 for 2025 fellows.
  7. July 2024: AIED conference. 2024 fellows with travel stipends will attend the conference and present their work. Those who are not awarded stipends will be given the opportunity to present their work online. Neither will be charged a registration fee.

AIED Mentoring Fellowship Co-chairs

If you have any further question, please, contact the AIED Mentoring Fellowship Co-chairs: